“I had recently had a reading with Alyssa and the results were mind-blowing. Alyssa's knowledge of the cards, their meaning, and her intuitive guidance are unsurpassed. Her interpretation during the reading, her gentle encouragement, and her intuition guided me through a creative breakthrough that has been on the brink for years. As a result, I can now pursue this new project with clarity and confidence. I've had several sessions with Alyssa and each time I leave the experience with clarity and purpose. Alyssa is truly gifted. She is definitely part of my personal and business coaching team. Her input is invaluable. Don't wait, contact her today. She'll unleash your brilliance and provide peaceful balance.” - S.A.M.

“Alyssa is very talented and skilled at providing insights and guidance through her gifted intuition. Alyssa did a tarot reading for me and unlike many tarot readers who will just tell you what you want to hear, she gets straight to the root of what the problem may be and guides you a path towards your greater good. Alyssa’s reading for me was spot on and I look forward to a bright future utilizing the insights she provided.” - A.W.

“Alyssa is a powerful healer and skilled channel, who has given me a number of powerful and meaningful sessions that have helped to shape who I am now. She's one of the good ones, I'd recommend giving her a try!” - J.K.

“Alyssa's reading for me truly resonated right away with me, she picked up on my situation well and left me feeling very hopeful. The reading helped me to feel the compassion the universe has towards me. Thank you so much and I would definitely recommend her guidance and insight” - M.M.

"I have had several sessions with Alyssa and each one has been full of insight. Alyssa’s unique healing practice has helped me to gain control over longstanding issues and receive unexpected clarity and advice. Her reassuring nature allows me to relax right away and get a lot of benefit from the sessions. She provides thoughtful analysis and helpful tools to continue working with." -F.P.

"I am incredibly pleased with the session I got from Alyssa. I've gained insight and clarity on my current situations and Alyssa even assisted me with actions that I can take to help relieve me of blockages and move forward with bringing in the experiences I desire. Being someone who is in-tune with myself & spirituality, the reading was a confirmation to follow my intuition. I am very grateful to have received my reading from Alyssa. " - Keisha