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tarot & counsel

I offer in-depth, guidance focused tarot readings with elements of coaching and counseling on a core issue or situation of your choosing. In this exchange we’ll work through the dynamics of your situation and utilize the cards to explore important influences at play. The goal is to build new ways of approaching your life that lead to greater harmonization, awareness and meaningful growth. My sessions and style of work focuses very heavily on self-empowerment, looking at opportunities around you to bring things into balance and addressing any counterproductive patterns and mindsets. I do not offer predictions but instead guide you towards greater insight that will lead you to clarity and the ability to make more informed decisions in life.


EMAIL - $50 Upon payment, you will receive an email with your reading within 72 hours. The email will include all cards drawn for your situation, an in-depth analysis as well as practical steps to take moving forward. This is ideal for those who wish to absorb the insights in the privacy of their time and is offered at a discounted rate. You are free to ask followup questions for further clarification.

1 HOUR VIDEO - $80 Using FaceTime or Google Hangouts this more direct and engaging option allows us to work through your situation in tandem. I will have a spread of tarot cards to discuss which will add dimension and insight. Expect questions and dialogue that will help guide us towards uncovering deeper layers of understanding and meaning while working towards resolution and providing effective tools for you to utilize moving forward.

If you are interested in having a session in person and are located in the SF BAY AREA, please let me know. Additional fees for travel will be added if applicable. To book your session or speak further about your situation, please contact me here.