How are sessions done?

Intuitive Healing Sessions are currently available through Skype chat/audio communication. In these sessions, I utilize techniques to connect to your energy and perform distance healing, a powerful and effective way to reach you in the comfort of your own space. To prepare for your session, please find a peaceful place that is free from distractions. I recommend setting up anything that helps ground and relax you such as burning a candle, smudging with sage or placing your favorite crystals nearby. During the first half of the session I will conduct deep healing work while you rest. Your job is to relax, let go and be open to the experience. After the healing has been completed, we will discuss the session and go more in-depth. I will provide practical guidance for you to implement moving forward, intuitive insight and more.

Are sessions available in person?

If you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, an in-person healing can be scheduled. Additional fees will be applied for travel. Please contact me directly to discuss further details. 

How many sessions will I need?

Healing is a unique process that is highly dependent on the intricacies of your situation. Many people experience relief and even full recovery from one session, others need more time to work through the issues. Your needs will be discussed during the session and a treatment plan can be arranged. If you'd like to discuss your situation beforehand, please contact me here.