About Me.

Welcome, my name is Alyssa and my personal philosophy is grounded in embracing the power that is gained through taking charge of one’s life and pushing the boundaries towards deeper growth and transformation. This is a path I have walked for many years, working to overcome limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns that impact all areas of life. In turn, the work I do carries a strong coaching undertone designed to help you explore your current obstacles and how best to move forward.

I draw on my foundation of spiritual and mindfulness practices, having completed a 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training as well as practicing yoga and meditation for over 6 years. It has informed my outlook on what is achievable through conscious living and seeking deeper spiritual truths. My formal background in business and one on one client focused work further grounds sessions with practicality and intention.

All of these elements are combined with my years of studying and working with tarot, a system which I have found to be a powerful tool in exploring the psychological inner workings of the mind through narrative and archetypal experience. My goal is to guide you towards uncovering your inner strengths, fostering deeper awareness of self and implementing tools to take on life’s challenges. I look forward to working with you.